CitySavings holds 2nd Capehan sa Bangko

CitySavings holds 2nd Capehan sa Bangko

CitySavings top management, group and regional heads at the conclusion of the 2nd Capehan sa Bangko.

Last July 23, City Savings Bank (CitySavings) held its 2nd Capehan sa Bangko at City Sports Club in Cebu City for its regional business and operations heads assigned nationwide together with the bank's group heads.

In 2015, sales and operations teams created this venue as a way for the board, top management and regional heads to meet and conduct a dialogue in an informal manner to allow a free flow of insights and discussions, all of which are geared on how the bank can further improve and search for better ways to do things. The discussions then were centered on Service, Teamwork and Integrity. For this year, the focus was on the values of Innovation and Responsibility under the theme of Synergy: Creating Value in Partnership.

The session started with the opening remarks from President and CEO Catalino Abacan who emphasized the importance of improving the bank's service for the benefit of its clients. He shared that "The core of service is relationship; and the core of relationship is love. Therefore, service is love."

The first main speaker, Chairman of the Board Eugene Acevedo talked about looking at innovation as "Creating magic moments that will make the receiver say "Wow!" because he/she cannot figure out how the moment was created – it's just like magic. A scientist once said that human kind evolved to what we are now because of altruism. Altruism means empathy or doing good things to other people." Acevedo further emphasized that "there are two things I want you to do today; to define innovation as something unique and have a magic moment to us, and to anchor it in our DNA as institution. Anything we do that has magic moments or to create new service has a purpose, and that purpose is our reason for existence as an institution – summarizing it in two words: Love Teachers."

Meanwhile Independent Director Romy Ronquillo, who also heads the governance and audit committees, shared his Aboitiz experience when he talked about responsibility and accountability which he linked to one's level of maturity. One becomes mature when one has reached that level of interdependence. Ronquillo elaborated that "even if you have a great mind, you still need to seek advice, because you know you don't know all the answers to the questions all the time. Unless you are interdependent, it is very difficult to understand the word "responsibility". You see most of us, responsibility ends with us. But if you are managing the team strictly with independent people it is not an easy team anyway; you want a team that is interdependent, and that's how you value partnership." Ronquillo further emphasized that "responsibility means you respond with your ability. When you are responsible and you have a responsibility; I, as your team leader, expect you to always respond with all the ability you have, not just a reactive response. My greatest achievement in life is… I create leaders. For me, there is nothing more important than to create leaders. As you create leaders, you make your jobs a lot easier."

In his closing remarks, EVP for Channel Management Jose Levi Villanueva thanked everyone who organized the Capehan sa Bangko and mentioned that one of his key takeaways was learning that "interdependence is anchored on synergy, with the premise that team members and team leaders alike should be asking a lot of ‘why', and that everybody is responsible for each other."