Inspiring Stories at Capehan sa Bangko Year 3

Inspiring Stories at Capehan sa Bangko Year 3

CAPEHAN SA BANGKO: CitySavings group heads, regional business heads, operations heads, and working committee at the conclusion of this year’s session.

City Savings Bank (CitySavings) leaders wore their storyteller hats as they shared their personal inspiring stories during the Capehan sa Bangko Year 3 at City Sports Club, Cebu City last July 11.

The annual event attended by the regional business and operations heads along with group heads of the bank’s various units revolved around the theme “Reaching for success in an ever changing world, Inspiring stories from our leaders”. Introduced back in 2015 by FVP – Branch Operations Head Linda Flor Hortezano, the Capehan’s previous sessions focused on CitySavings’ core values of integrity, teamwork, innovation, responsibility, and service – their essence and importance to the bank.

Chief Compliance Officer Atty. Candy Seguerra, in her opening remarks emphasized that greatness is not born during springtime where everything is easy breezy. “Greatness is revealed in the middle of a winter storm, when all you have left in your bones is the sheer will to live despite the odds” she added.

Pursuing One’s Dreams

“Fear can be a very powerful motivator. It made me top of my class” shared Chairman of the Board Eugene Acevedo as he recalled his struggles and how he managed to overcome each of them. He also shared his own formula of predicting successful leaders which is: Achievement = Talent x Hard Work x Ability to Influence x Ability to Lead. He further mentioned a life lesson “when someone throws something big, you just slice it into pieces and get after those pieces one by one”.

Developing Perseverance and Tenacity

During his talk, President and CEO Catalino Abacan emphasized that one must not only have knowledge but a deeper understanding, and ability to develop a positive attitude and openness to change. Abacan added that the art of resilience is bouncing back from failures and the willingness to adapt.

Listening with an Open Mind

EVP – Channel Management Levi Villanueva elaborated that listening with an open mind can lead to true understanding. This happens when a person engages his senses of hearing, sight and touch and more importantly listens with his heart.

Following One’s Passion

“When you feel that you are passionate about something, you feel that energy within you” shared Director Carlos Valarao as he spoke about passion. “It can give us positive emotions and a sense of purpose” he added. Valarao also proposed a new way of looking at passion – instead of chasing what you love; find love in what you do. “Do not just follow your passion, be passionate in what you do” he said as he concluded his talk.

Habits of Successful Leaders

Known to be as a pillar of leadership in the Aboitiz Group, Board Member Romy Ronquillo shared his humble beginnings in the conglomerate and his various leadership roles. He said that different leaders have different styles and weaknesses. Habits are things that a person does on a regular basis. As a leader, one of his habits was fairness in the organization. Ronquillo also emphasized on the value of time and cited the popular saying “time is gold”. “Time never changes, situations do. One must work hard. All these habits must be done conscientiously, consciously and continuously in order to be a successful leader” he mentioned.

In his closing remarks, Associate Legal Counsel Atty. Christian Cabahug thanked the people behind the success of this year’s Capehan sa Bangko and shared that the life lessons imparted by our leaders are very valuable as CitySavings continues to expand its reach and break new grounds.