Motor Mo'to: Fueled by Simplicity

Motor Mo'to: Fueled by Simplicity

A GROWING PARTNERSHIP: Since 2019, CitySavings has partnered with four major Transport Network Vehicle Services (TNVS) and other logistics companies - Lalamove, Grab, Quad X, and Foodpanda to enable riders to get great motorcycle deals and flexible payment options, thus expanding their income potential.

The COVID-19 pandemic created a different kind of normal for the entire country. Customer demands shifted heavily, including transportation. Because of limited movement allowed, Filipinos have to find alternatives to make sure that their day-to-day needs are fulfilled. The demand for motorcycles has steadily increased, as this vehicle is able to address these logistical limitations. According to, “The growing Filipino middle class sees motorcycles as efficient and cost-effective for both personal and business needs. With easy access to credit, sales potential in the country is promising.”

City Savings Bank, Inc. (CitySavings) capitalizes on this potential through its Motorcycle Loans business. Year on year, the Bank has constantly revved up its Motorcycle Loan offerings to its clients by providing fast approvals, exclusive offers, and low down payments. Recently, the Bank also introduced a plethora of motorcycle unit options to suit clients’ needs and financial capabilities through its Motor Mo’to program.

“The goal really is to make it simpler for our clients to drive home their first - maybe even their second or third - motorcycle. Especially with the pandemic, the demand and usage of motorcycles have grown drastically, so we want CitySavings to be top of mind when customers want to get their own,” said Ret. Adm. Feliciano Angue, Executive Vice President - Motorcycle Loans Business Head of CitySavings.

Another key growth area being focused on by Motor Mo’to is having several institutional partners that rely heavily on motorcycles for their operations. Since 2019, CitySavings has been a partner of four major Transport Network Vehicle Services (TNVS) and other logistics companies - Lalamove, Grab, Quad X, and Foodpanda. These partnerships help to enable riders to get great motorcycle deals and flexible payment options, thus expanding their income potential.

"For our riders, upgrading their motorcycle is meaningful for different reasons. It’s an opportunity that enables them to be more productive in their job, and opens up many more opportunities for growing their own business,” mentioned Bea Mantecon, Rider Operations Manager of Quad X.

Jao Manahan, Communications Manager of Foodpanda shared, “Assisting our Foodpanda riders to provide the best service possible, CitySavings' Motorcycle Loan has helped our riders' experience in more ways than one. As they continuously offer affordable and exclusive deals for our riders, I am very excited about what's in store for this partnership”.

Adding to that, Ruelito Aquino, Vice President - Institutional Sales Head - Motorcycle Loans Business of CitySavings said, “These partnerships are not just to further strengthen each of our bottom lines. These help our riders by making it simple to get motorcycles that would help them in growing their own businesses.” For Lalamove alone, the partnership potentially benefits 35,000 riders in Luzon and Cebu where their operations are currently in place.

The Motorcycle Business Group does not hit the brakes there. Repossessed motorcycle units have also shown huge sales potentials, given that resale values are more affordable and more attractive to our customers. CitySavings is accelerating the “Repo” Line with offers as low as 0% interest rates for pre-owned units. Another initiative lined up to further improve the services for the business is Telco Credit Scoring. This technology helps in increasing operational efficiency and minimizing risks by providing credit scores using clients’ telco data that can assess their payment capability and potential for defaulting. And of course, the group works to further improve the service capabilities of our Loan Rangers to give our clients the best customer service.

The Motorcycle Group has definitely made owning a motorcycle much simpler for those who want or need one. It has also been made very accessible, not just through affordable deals, but also through the various channels where our customers can inquire and apply for a Motor Mo‘to loan. Aside from the more than 100 CitySavings branches nationwide, interested clients can also apply through the Loan Rangers, through the CitySavings website, and through the most recent addition, the Facebook Messenger Chatbot, Talk To Maria. Payment channels have also been expanded to complete the simpler customer experience. Aside from CitySavings and UnionBank branches, Motor Mo‘to clients may also pay their monthly amortizations through PERA HUB, M Lhuillier, and Bayad Center.