Our Sustainability Policy outlines the bank’s commitment to Sustainable Development and the long term impact it creates on economic, social, and environmental aspects.

This formalizes our engagement and adherence to sustainable development regulations in our business operations. This policy serves as a guide for the Bank’s corporate decision making and provides a reference on how we deal with opportunities and risks in the context of direct and indirect sustainability impact.


Through our innovative solutions, CitySavings supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and the national agenda of the government in making sure that a better and more sustainable future shall be achieved. The Bank engages like-minded institutions and individuals to better deliver and implement initiatives to advance business and communities.

We continue to promote practical wealth management and inclusive prosperity by providing products and services for people of moderate means.

Our SDG Goals:




We are #FutureReadyTalents

We upskill and focus on employee engagement so we can develop #FutureReadyTalents. We believe that engaged employees translate to an innovative, customer-focused and resilient team.


We are stewards of our planet

We responsibly manage resources and continue to improve our operational efficiency. We minimize our impact on the environment for a better and more sustainable future.


We innovate to elevate

Guided by our core values, we commit to making banking simple through innovative digital solutions to elevate the lives of people of moderate means.


Digital Transformation

We constantly do more and do greater for our customers by developing innovations that make banking simple and accessible. We enable our employees to be digitally ready through capability building training.

Inclusive Prosperity

We focus on serving the people of moderate means and connect them to relevant services and products. As our business grows, we make sure that our communities grow with us.

Employee and Stakeholders Engagement

We foster collaboration among our employees and stakeholders internally and externally to collectively achieve our goals. We initiate programs that develop an agile mindset for us to learn fast and constantly so we can better find ways to engage our stakeholders.

Resource Management and Operational Efficiency

We are mindful of our actions and its possible impacts to our environment. Hence, we initiate programs that promote and instill the value of stewardship for our planet vis a vis our business operations.