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Dear Customers of CitySavings,

To deliver our brand promise of Straightforward Banking, we make sure that you are properly informed of the implications, duties and obligations that arise when entering into agreements with us.

In light of this commitment, this Privacy Notice outlines how we collect, protect and process the information you have entrusted with us.

To avail of our products and services, the Bank collects the following information:

This information is collected through:

We use your information for the following purposes, whichever is applicable to the product availed:

We store your information for purposes it was obtained for and in compliance with the regulations set by the (a) Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, the (b) Anti-Money Laundering Council, the (c) Bureau of Internal Revenue and (d) other applicable laws.

We shall not process nor retain your information for purposes you have not consented to.

From time to time, we also share your information to third parties. However, we ensure that information given is proportional to the service rendered on behalf of CitySavings. These activities include the:

Know that we are protecting your data.

Data security is the Bank's top priority. CitySavings maintains strict security systems designed to prevent unauthorized or accidental access, processing, or erasure of data.

Website Usage

By browsing through this site, you gain access to information disclosed by CitySavings to the public. This includes announcements, news, FAQs and product offerings of the Bank.

In no way does CitySavings collect personal information through the site, unless provided by you through the “Contact Us” option.

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This site uses “cookies”, which allows CitySavings to collect information such as browser type, time spent on the site, pages visited and language preferred. This information allows us to know which pages you find relevant and frequently visit. We use this information to improve how we communicate with you through the website.

Most browsers offer privacy settings which can manage these “cookies”. You can refuse to accept these “cookies”; however, you may experience some inconvenience in using the site.

Links to Other Sites

The site may also contain links to third party websites. Know that these sites are not controlled nor owned by CitySavings. They may have Privacy Policies which are not consistent with our policies.

Your rights as a data subject, under the Data Privacy Act of 2012:

For more details, you may access this website:

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